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Lucky Seven Tattoo Studio is A great talented tattoo artists in Seminyak Bali.  We professionally since 2010, also the best quality tattoos at reasonable prices right here in Seminyak Bali.
Mr. Dwe’x   as a founder and owner made this studio certainly try to provide the best facilities for the Client, the friendliness of the client very emphasize here that the client feel comfortable and Friends with each Artist who has own character,  Our team has expertise in all styles of artworks such as Color, Black & Grey,  portrait, Letter and Cover-Up.  
We offer a variety of pre-drawn designs or can specially create a design for clients who want to have smaller one-off pieces.  Before the process of making the tattoo client can first discuss with the Artist casually as a friend,  then define the concept then Artist will explain in great detail as well as its function in every concept that client want it,  so that when the client has been steadily making a tattoo is not only just want to beautify the body, but also simultaneously know the meaning and function of the Tattoo itself so the client will be more confident and Character with the Tattoo.   For a free consultation, or to know about how much are the tattoo prices, visit us our studio in Seminyak, or book your appointment online.

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